Oregon sues Oracle over troubled health insurance website

Oregon has filed a long-expected lawsuit against Oracle over its role developing the state’s troubled health insurance exchange website, alleging the vendor fraudulently induced Oregon to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for software and services that didn’t work as promised.

Oracle’s actions “amount to a pattern of racketeering,” according to the 126-page complaint filed Friday by Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in a state circuit court.

First, Oracle lied about its capabilities, saying its software could meet Oregon’s needs “out-of-the-box,” the complaint states.

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Most Minnesotan movie? Someone smells a rat

If some Grumpy Old Men were standing in a Purple Rain with their Prairie Home Companions, would they choose Mallrats as Minnesota’s most iconic movie?

Mashable did.

They did the same for all the states and mapped their choices.

Mashables movie map

In case you’ve forgotten, Mallrats is a 1995 comedy by director Kevin Smith that was filmed at the Eden Prairie Center mall.

The movie certainly has a following. You can try your hand at a Mallrats trivia quiz here … and learn more about the Eden Prairie Mallrats street hockey team here.

Or watch the trailer here.

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Is it really Minnesota’s most iconic movie, though?

Mashable says an heiress who grew up in Minnesota loved … oh, wait, no. That was the New York Times and grape salad.

Mashable apparently only meant to start a conversation and offers no defense of its choices. North Dakota got first dibs on the Oscar-winner Fargo, so that was not available for Minnesota.  Instead, we have Mallrats.

A couple of years ago City Pages chose the 12 best movies filmed in Minnesota (in no particular order). Not a mallrat in that bunch.

Ditto the list of 25 top Minnesota movies that Twin Cities Stuff posted to YouTube (with links to each trailer).

For a definitive list of Minnesota-made movies, Minnesota Film and TV has a filmography broken down by decade.

It’s a long list, though. You might want to whip up a grape salad to snack on while you scan it for Minnesota’s  most iconic.


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